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Commercial Relocation

East Coast Lumper’s commercial relocations services maximize efficiency and save your company money.

Efficient Commercial Relocation Services

Warehouse relocation presents significant challenges to businesses - no matter what size or configuration of the warehouse. These projects involve complex coordination of staff, and often require additional employees in order to complete. To make things furthermore challenging for the relocating business, there are often tight time constraints and deadlines. The pressure to complete such a complex task in a set amount of time is not only daunting, it can lead to misuse of resources, mismanagement of time, and loss of money.

Save Time & Money with Reliable Help

To mitigate many of these staffing and organizational challenges, ECL offers it’s reliable and professional workforce with the flexibility to adapt to your warehouse needs at different points throughout the relocation process to ensure your move goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. This will result in less wasted time and money for your company, and allow for greater control over your ability to meet deadlines and control spending.

Commercial Relocation FAQs

Each move is unique, so we take the time to learn about all of your needs, making sure that nothing is missed. We then provide a tailored quote specific to you. By doing this, we provide the peace-of-mind that your move won’t run over your budget. Give us a call now to get your quote. 

What are the costs associated with commercial relocation?

Here at East Coast Lumpers we create a custom solution for each client. The size of the business, budget, and distance are key factors in the time it takes to execute and plan a commercial move. We have planned and executed moves within 30 days.

How long does it typically take to plan & execute a commercial move?

We do! We provide full, end-to-end, turnkey solutions for all of your commercial relocation & moving needs. If you’re looking for a company that can handle everything for you, removing as much stress and worry from your day as possible, then call us today.

Do you provide installation services (pallet racking, furniture, etc.)?

What are the best practices for minimizing downtime during a commercial relocation?

Preparation is key. We pride ourselves on attention-to-detail and taking the time needed upfront to plan your move so that all chances for downtime & delays are as minimized as possible. We’ll review all tips and recommendations for making your move quick and efficient with you during our initial discussions and throughout your move as needed, being sure to review items that are specific to you and your business & industry needs.      

How do I ensure the safety and security of sensitive equipment and documents during the move?

We have special procedures to handle sensitive information and documents including:

  • Proper packing including anti-static bubble wrap, padded boxed and secured casings to prevent damage from shocks and vibrations.

  • We can provide detailed inventory and labeling. This helps in tracking each item throughout the move and ensures nothing is lost or misplaced.

  • We can also provide climate controlled environments for sensitive equipment.

  • We are fully licensed and insured.

Absolutely! We excel at providing full end-to-end services, which includes all the little details such as item disposal, cleanup, etc. We do this to remove as much stress and worry from your moving & relocation experience as possible. Give us a call today to get your quote.

Will you dispose of the items we do not need?

Why should I choose your moving company for our commercial relocation needs?

Attention-to-detail. Efficiency. Professionalism. Full end-to-end services that ensure a smooth and pleasant moving experience. These are just a few of the reasons that you should trust East Coast Lumpers for your commercial relocation needs, as well as all of your other labor needs before and after your move is complete.


We're also dedicated to safety. All of our team members are OSHA-certified, and receive continuing education and training on an ongoing basis.


Give us a call now to get your free quote and to learn more about the East Coast Lumpers difference.

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