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Jersey City, New Jersey

Providing expert warehouse staffing and commercial relocation services in Jersey City, NJ and surrounding areas.

Serving Local Warehouses & Businesses in Jersey City, New Jersey

East Coast Lumpers understands the unique needs of businesses in Jersey City. As a key economic center, Jersey City is home to major corporations like Verisk Analytics, Forbes, and Goya Foods, along with popular attractions such as Liberty State Park and the Liberty Science Center, mainly due to its strategic location near major transportation routes and the Port of New York and New Jersey.


This makes Jersey City a crucial hub for logistics, warehousing, and shipping operations, and East Coast Lumpers is proud to serve this vibrant economic center.

Our experienced team is adept at navigating the specific demands of the Jersey City market, offering customized solutions to meet the high standards of local businesses.


Whether you're relocating your company, need expert warehouse staffing, or both, we provide efficient processes, meticulous project management, and professional, reliable staffing. Trust East Coast Lumpers to manage your commercial relocation and staffing needs with unparalleled professionalism and expertise in the Jersey City, New Jersey area.

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East Coast Lumpers provides a wide variety of services to fit the needs of businesses in the  industrial, commercial, IT, and general corporate sectors. Below is a listing of specific services we provide. Don't see what you need listed below? chances are we can still help. Give us a call at (804) 915-6554 now to chat about your specific needs. 

RFID Tagging & Scanning

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