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Freight Loading and Unloading

Outsourcing freight loading and unloading can expedite a common bottleneck in your supply chain and improve flow of operations.

Avoid Unexpected Costs

One of the biggest setbacks in the logistic processes is getting trucks loaded and unloaded in a timely fashion. Often trucks are floor loaded without pallets, or cargo has shifted during transportation. Without sufficient manpower, unloading trucks can take hours. This can cause backup, and lead to unexpected costs such as detention time. Our warehouse staffing and solutions mitigate time and money lost by keeping our lumpers on site to unload as soon as the trucks arrive.


We charge our customers based on the box count and cargo being shipped and received instead of the hours worked. This ensures trucks are loaded and unloaded in a timely fashion, which saves our customers money and removes down time for trucks waiting.

Competitive Pricing

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